Gene Kim

How Do We Better Sell DevOps?

Gene Kim will share his top lessons learned over his years studying high performing IT organizations on how to sell the value of DevOps.

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  Michele Orselli

Manage a project portfolio: people, processes, tools

Organizing and managing several projects for several client is not an easy task: who’s first? How much time can be allocated on a given project?

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  Roberto Galoppini

Open Source Sustainability and Beyond

Open Source code doubles every 14 months, but is all of that sustainable? At SourceForge we see open source code being shipped, debugged and enhanced, but it isn’t rare to see projects being abandoned.

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  Marco Marongiu

A big project starts with a small plan

Sad experiences with badly designed systems make us believe that we should always “think big” when planning new solutions. However, blurry specifications, solo projects, tight time constraints should always point us to simpler, expandable solutions. True stories will show us how this principle wins against established misbelief (Perl, Puppet and CFEngine included). In the scope [...]

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  Melissa Doerken

From Problem to Solution. Faster: Using Interviews to Improve your Process and Accelerate Delivery

Jumping to building solutions is a nearly universal reaction, which often leads to building something – perhaps something even great – that fails to solve the problem at hand.

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  Gaetano Mazzanti

Kanban for Portfolio Management

Are you running multiple parallel process? Then consider Kanban for managing your project portfolio.

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  Dragos Dumitriu

Benefits of using Kanban in IT Operations

IT Operations people have several distinct challenges than software developers. Ops teams must balance large workloads and emergency tasks with assuring a stable infrastructure. Their workflow is continuous, and many times doesn’t work well with timeboxes. Kanban is widely used to address the needs of IT Operations.

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  Simon Riggs

Success is 99% Persistence

A discussion about the PostgreSQL open source project, what it does, how we do it and how ideas get turned into working code. Examples and lessons for all open business models.

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