Carlo Bonamico

Infrastructure as data with Ansible for easier Continuous Delivery

What if setting up and configuring your cloud / private infrastructure were even simpler than writing a shell script? Enter Ansible, an Open Source project based on the concept of Infrastructure as Data, which is as simple as it is powerful, and easy to learn for Dev and Ops people alike.

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  Edmund Haselwanter

How automated cloud infrastructure setups can help with Continuous Delivery

The talk will give an overview of the ideas and advantages of this approach and show some new ideas that might be impossible or hard to do without a cloud.

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  Frédéric Descamps

Installing and managing MySQL like a real devops: automation in production

In this talk I explain the big principles of devops culture and a show their usage for a MySQL DBA. I cover the installation using configuration management (Puppet) but also how to test the new schema releases using Jenkins and Percona-toolkit. And finally how we can maintain and automate the schema migration in production. Topics: [...]

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  Italo Vignoli

Migrating to LibreOffice

The migration to LibreOffice is usually the first step of every migration to free software, as the office suite is the first to be replaced.

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  Martin Kosek

Building Open Source Identity Management Solution with FreeIPA

The talk will introduce FreeIPA and SSSD projects as the first fully functional open source centralized authentication and identity management solution comparable to Active Directory.

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  Davide Corio

OpenERP. How to develop business solutions with Python.

OpenERP is a 100% free and open source ERP software made with Python.

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NoSQL and the OpEx Business Plan

This presentation outlines how NoSQL databases like MongoDB are enabling startups and multinationals alike to address problems that even just a few years ago would have required significant capital expenditure, but now can be funded purely from ongoing monthly budgets. The presentation outlines a TCO framework for moving to NoSQL and highlights real world examples [...]

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  Luca Olivari

NoSQL: The New Normal for Big Data and Beyond

What started as a way for web giants to solve problems of serious scale has become the default way all enterprises manage Big Data.

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  Stefano Zacchiroli

Debian and its ecosystem

Debian is one of the eldest Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) distribution in existence. The project has been founded in 1993 to further Free Software distribution and is still doing so in an purely community-driven way. The Debian Project and distribution are both made by volunteers who employ a dual “do-ocratic” (a form of [...]

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  Frédéric Descamps

Introduction to Percona XtraDB Cluster

Percona XtraDB Cluster is a new HA solution for MySQL. Parallel and synchronous replication has always been a dream for MySQL DBAs. Now this dream has come true thanks to Galera replication. In this talk I will cover basic concepts and internals of this technology. Topics: MySQL; HA; replication. Targets: sysadmins; DBA’s; CTO.

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