Open Source Sustainability and Beyond

  • Open Source code doubles every 14 months, but is all of that sustainable? At SourceForge we see open source code being shipped, debugged and enhanced, but it isn’t rare to see projects being abandoned.

    Both vendor-led and community-led projects aim to become sustainable, either because supported by a flourishing business, backed by a diverse community or funded by a EU framework program (FP7). Sustainability is key to projects success, during the talk we’ll cover few different ways to achieve this goal, discuss some EU-specific use cases (PROSE) and we’ll try to drive some conclusions.

    Sustainability matters to both IT customers and IT solution providers, and we should make it our primary goal or concern.


    • Enterprise ready open source software technologies;
    • Open Source Procurement;
    • Buy vs Make vs Borrow.


    • Project Managers;
    • Chief Officers in Finance (CFO), Technology (CTO), Information (CIO)
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