• Debian and its ecosystem

      Debian and its ecosystem 

      Debian is one of the eldest Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) distribution in existence. The project has been founded in 1993 to further Free Software distribution and is still doing so in an purely community-driven way. The Debian Project and distribution are both made by volunteers who employ a dual "do-ocratic" (a form of meritocracy based on the outcome of individual work) and democratic model to make decisions and drive Debian toward its goals. The uniqueness of Debian is manifest in its Free Software values, independence from commercial interests, and in its importance as the basis of

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    • Success is 99% Persistence

      Success is 99% Persistence 

      A discussion about the PostgreSQL open source project, what it does, how we do it and how ideas get turned into working code. Examples and lessons for all open business models.

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    • Introduction to Percona XtraDB Cluster

      Introduction to Percona XtraDB Cluster 

      Percona XtraDB Cluster is a new HA solution for MySQL. Parallel and synchronous replication has always been a dream for MySQL DBAs. Now this dream has come true thanks to Galera replication. In this talk I will cover basic concepts and internals of this technology. Topics: MySQL; HA; replication. Targets: sysadmins; DBA's; CTO.

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    • Adopting PaaS to streamline your business

      Adopting PaaS to streamline your business 

      In the talk Marek will introduce the concept called Platform as a Service (PaaS), one of the most rapidly growing areas of cloud-computing, that may also be one of the most dangerous. During the talk we shall discuss the benefits of using such a platform and will see a real-world example of how easy it is to use it. Knowing the benefits we shall discuss the other side of the coin. PaaS can bring real threats to your business and you should know them and be able to respond accordingly. Yes, you guess correctly that points in the presentation will be in a tight connection with open-source s

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    • Raise The Bar!

      Raise The Bar! 

      Infrastructure automation is a process that can be tackled from different perspectives. The talk faces the possible approaches you can follow to introduce a configuration management tool, like Puppet, to automate an existing infrastructure managed manually. The challenges, the techniques, the alternatives, the timings and the mind-set shift required by your sysadms. Discussion is based on how to Puppettize existing servers, but the same principles apply to other configuration management tools. Topics: Co

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  • OSS4B 2013

    Italy , Prato, Tuscany·

    Secure your place today for this brand new event about open source, DevOps, Kanban and much more!

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  • Kanban course for IT ops

    Don't miss the opportunity!

    Delivered directly by Dragos Dumitriu, the course will be held in Prato for , starting on at Palazzo delle Professioni.

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